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June 21, 2013 5:41 AM
About that Corker/Hoeven immigration
Posted by Laura
I wish we had a Play Bill, identifying cast and all the stagehands by name. As I said three months ago, this entire immigration charade has been choreographed since its opening act by Schumer and his staff, and directed by the White House (right down to the public relations campaign). Note the talking points parroted by the media and elites on both sides -- "this is a breakthrough amendment!" "This is our time, the system is broken!" "Latinos will punish the GOP if they don't do this!" "We need to bring people out of the shadows!" Any Republican who supports this sham should be voted out of office at first opportunity. This is like a REALLY cheesy B-movie. When is Godzilla going to walk into the scene and smash the Capitol dome? Sen. Ted Cruz was right yesterday, the phony drama needs to be exposed for what it is--an effort to convince sheeple that the Dems are really serious this time about border enforcement, despite the fact that they rejected every amendment that would have given real teeth to the process. John Boehner should deliver short remarks given what has happened announcing that the House is done with immigration this year. Republicans should re-focus on helping increase the prosperity and security of American workers and their families. Democrats are happy to see Republicans divided and elites in the GOP are helping them. We are squandering an amazing opportunity to be united for a pro-growth conservative agenda that will be attractive to ALL American voters. Instead, we have Republicans who are on the verge of voting for a bill that will both decrease American wages and increase unemployment. You can't make this stuff up.
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