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June 20, 2013 5:21 AM
About that Corker/Hoeven immigration "breakthrough"...
Posted by Laura
As predicted, there is quite a bit of media fanfare surrounding the supposedly new compromise in the offing on immigration reform. Senators Bob Corker (TN) and John Hoeven (ND) are claiming that they have come up with the perfect mix of enforcement and legalization ingredients for a reform recipe that will appeal to both left and right. Before you jump on this bandwagon, look closely at the next to last paragraph of this Washington Examiner piece, which says that the immigrants will get legal status before the security measures are in place. Once the immigrants have leal status, none of the enforcement measures will ever be implemented. Also, CBO should have to re-score the bill with this new provision, to see if the amendment meant would really make much of a difference In terms of stopping future illegal immigrants.
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