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December 20, 2013 3:33 PM
A&E really ducked up this time
Posted by Staff
‘Facism’ has a new face and, as we approach Christmas, it is once again rearing its ugly head. Between the war waged against Christmas and now the suspension of Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty, the evidence is overwhelmingly clear that the liberal media and the left are attempting to push people of faith into submission. We may not be so far off from a future in which people of faith are forced to deny, or even renounce, their beliefs in order to engage and actively partake in public life. It does not seem so unlikely that soon if you want to apply to college, serve in the military, or work in government, you will be judged and treated differently for your religious beliefs. And what will the repercussions be if we create a world where observant individuals feel too alienated to partake in public life? We’ll probably experience more of what we have already begun to see--people educating their kids at home, tiny neighborhoods and small communities evolving around shared values, etc. But people of faith are playing for something bigger, something eternal, and if we lose an A&E show in the process… big whoop! Facebook Fark Furl
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