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November 27, 2012 5:39 AM
A treasure hunt for the truth: Let the people see the 'cliff' talks
Posted by Laura
The truth is hard to come by in politics--especially Washington politics. The WSJ tells the horrifying truth today about the real debt hanging over our heads in America. Sixteen trillion is a drop in the bucket. Leading the obfuscation with masterful precision is Barrack Obama. After more than a year of doing next to nothing to avert our ongoing economic crisis, he is grandstanding on fiscal cliff negotiations. With the election over, he and his team are warning that the sky will fall if we don't raise taxes on the "rich." The holiday season will be cancelled! People will stop shopping! Forget the Grinch. The new Christmas special will be: "The Republicans Who Stole Christmas"! They're even stealing the last can of "Who Hash." The president and his team are so predictable. They did the same before they jammed through Obamacare--"pass this or the recovery will get dragged down and your premiums will skyrocket!" And remember the rhetoric before the "stimulus"? "Vote for the stimulus or we'll slip back into a drepression!" Conservatives should reject this overheated hype--call it out for what it is. Negotiations should be done maturely, deliberately and not conducted behind closed doors. Let the sunshine in so the people can see for themselves what these pols stand for, who the real leaders are. The challenges facing America are too serious for another bum's rush by President Obama and the fools on the Hill.
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