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January 10, 2011 5:21 PM
A message from your 2016 GOP Presidential nominee...
Posted by Laura Ingraham
Notice how many times former Florida governor Jeb Bush uses the term "center-right" in his appeal for more Republican "outreach." Query: Have the Bushes decided to start moving away from the word "conservative"? And doesn't this push for Latino "outreach" sound a lot like "compassionate conservatism", the approach that begat Medicare expansion, the campaign for immigration amnesty, and No Child Left Behind? Memo to all "evolving" pols--true conservatism is the most empowering and uplifting political philosophy the world has ever seen. It doesn't need to be re-invented or re-branded or re-conceived. It needs to be properly understood, followed, and passed on to all Americans, regardless of their ethnicity, skin color or religion. Marco Rubio didn't win his senate race in Florida because of "Latino outreach." He won because he articulated clear conservative principles, while rejecting the idea that America's decline is inevitable.
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