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October 31, 2013 2:28 PM
A chilling tale that's sure to raise goosebumps and premiums... Obamascare
Posted by Staff
Looks like acclaimed author of The Exorcist, Bill Blatty, finally has some competition. The man who forever redefined the genre of horror with his iconic film and has stood as the unchallenged master of “scary” for nearly half a century now has to contend with President Obama, author of the dreadful and terrifying tale, ObamaScare. Obama, like Blatty, never meant for his creation to be a work of horror, but some subjects naturally prey upon our most deep-seeded fears. The first installment in the ObamaScare series “The Website” (which made its crash-debut Oct. 1) currently has American audiences unable to sleep at night—greatly disturbed at the thought that we might never be able to exorcise ourselves from the harrowing grip of ObamaScare. Episode II, “Enrollment and Medicaid Expansion,” promises to be equally terrifying—as the chilling original cast of Psycho Sebelius, Torturous Tavenner, Poltergeist Pelosi, Creepy Carney, and Ole’ Obama himself will return for the next installment. Ironically, Blatty, a skilled comedic writer, always thought he would gain more notoriety for his jokes rather than his horror… Obama doesn't have comedy down, but he certainly is a joke.

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