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January 27, 2010 12:00 PM
A celebration of life: a liberal's worst nightmare
Posted by Laura Ingraham
It's official, liberals are at war with the First Amendment. First, the American Left collapsed into paroxysms of fury when SCOTUS struck down campaign finance restrictions last week. (The warped logic being: unions represent "people" and thus are protected by the First Amendment; corporations do not represent "people" so they can be shut out of political discourse, their political contributions banned entirely.) Left-wing progressives claim to love "dialogue" and a "free exchange of ideas" but they never really mean it. Yes, they'll fight for your right to speak out--IF you're a pornographer or are otherwise promoting left-wing ideas. Otherwise, they'd prefer that you keep your opinions to yourself.

Enter Tim Tebow, University of Florida's Heisman Trophy winner and all-around great guy. A 30-second spot is set to air during the Super Bowl that celebrates the decision his mom made--against a doctor's recommendation--to carry him to term. This celebration of "choice," family, and one man's life has sent pro-abortion feminists into a frothy lather despite the fact that they haven't even seen the ad. What are they afraid of? Hearts changing on the issue of abortion? Why doesn't Planned Parenthood just run its own ad? Lord knows they have enough blood money to do so.

Of course we know why pro-abortion types are so upset--they see public opinion slipping away from them on this issue. (See the recent Marist poll on generational views on abortion.) The Tebow story will resonate with millions of people across America, and especially women who may be confronting similar personal quandaries. As for those who are "offended" by this "divisive subject matter," there are countries around the world--China, for one--where contentious debates don't happen in public at all. Perhaps Planned Parenthood should take its dirty business to Beijing, where the other side of the debate is never heard.
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