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November 13, 2012 8:47 AM
4 ways your smartphone is hurting your health
Posted by Staff
Hardly a month goes by these days without a new study revealing that smartphones are either A) ruining your life, or B) not.

We’ve all heard about the potential link between cellphone use and brain tumors. And though the research is still inconclusive, studies showing them to be completely safe tend to be less rigorously designed and funded by the cellphone industry, whereas studies finding risks are produced with better science and have no financial conflicts of interest.

What’s more, I’ve recently seen research linking cellphone radiation to sleep disturbance, behavorial changes in kids, and reduced sperm count and erectile dysfunction in men who carry their phones in their front pocket. Again, these were small studies, easy to dismiss, but one thing is clear: Cellphone radiation isn't making us any healthier Facebook Fark Furl
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