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Mourning, Not Morning, in America: Confronting the main reason Obama's 'hope' turned into middle class anger
Laura Ingraham: Lifezette
I'm increasingly convinced that most "experts in the media and politics" have zero understanding about what's really happening in the economy. For example, here's an article on VOX stating, "It's morning in America."

A Cruz vs. Rubio Fight Would Electrify Conservatives
Eliana Johnson: National Review
One subplot of the Republican presidential-nomination battle has been an increasingly vicious and personal contest between two first-term senators, both of Cuban descent and separated by just a few months in age.

Obama Delivers the Most Boring Speech of His Presidency
John Podhoretz: New York Post
Look, if Barack Obama didn't consider Barack Obama's presidency a success, who would? Of course his last State of the Union was filled with happy talk about the current condition of the United States and its limitless future.

The State of Our Union Is Not Strong
Jim Geraghty: National Review
A president's eighth State of the Union address is supposed to be his victory lap, a final year in the spotlight, in which he touts his achievements and then rides off into the sunset.

How Bill Quickly Went from Asset to Liability for Hillary's Campaign
Jonah Goldberg: National Review
Dear Reader (except those of you who make your dogs wear pants - you're dead to me.), I haven't written to you since last year.

Can the GOP Win without Trump's Voters?
Jeremy Carl: National Review
The French writer Charles Péguy once said that "one must always say what one sees. Above all, which is more difficult, one must always see what one sees."

The Republican Establishment's Civil War
Peggy Noonan: The Wall Street Journal
What everyone's waiting for is the winnowing. New Hampshire and Iowa will force some Republican candidates out. When we know who's still in we'll have a surer sense of the contours of the race.

Establishment Blunders in Asia Elevate Trump
Laura Ingraham: LifeZette
He's the only candidate emphasizing looming danger from China

Trump on the Path of Reagan
Craig Shirley: LifeZette
The liberal intelligentsia has never understood him.

Can Chris Christie Go the Distance?
David M. Drucker: Washington Examiner
Chris Christie hopes that the New Hampshire primary marks the beginning of his presidential campaign, not the end.

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