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  • Byron York - Chief Political Correspondent at the Washington Examiner
  • Larry Elder - Host of The Larry Elder Show, conservative commentator and Author of A Lot Like Me: A Father and Son's Journey to Reconciliation
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Sol Wisenberg: It's obvious Hillary's server was set up in her home to avoid FOIA requests that would reveal embarrassing information

Obama Silenced the Inspectors General

Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz, an Obama administration appointee, is scheduled to deliver a report this week on DOJ and FBI abuses during the 2016 campaign cycle. Remember: His last investigation of FBI misconduct advised a criminal referral for fired former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, who allegedly lied to federal investigators.


Inhofe: We All Understand the President Has the Authority to Impose Tariffs, Corker Hates the President & Will do Anything he Can to Inflict Damage


Graham Allison: North Korea negotiations a big win for the US, we are far better off than we were a year ago.


Peter Navarro: I don't understand how self righteous Canada wants to be, we would've had a NAFTA deal if they hadn't been dragging their heels

Elites Value Mellifluous Illegality over Crass Lawfulness

Donald Trump blusters nonstop. He offers contrasting messages about whether, on any given day, he might fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, or Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. His tweets are certainly not presidential, at least as the adjective is usually understood.


John Cox: We're going to turn this state around and we'll see a new day in California


Judge Mike Mukasey Interview


Buchanan: Trump is an Economic Patriot

Harvey Weinstein and the Clinton Protection Racket

Harvey Weinstein's recent perp walk reminds me of another great thing about Trump winning the election: Hillary Clinton isn't president. A New York Times article on Weinstein's court appearance noted how the "ground shifted" last year, finally ending the "code of silence" surrounding powerful men. Why "last year," if this has been going on for decades?

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