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  • The NYT's "1619 Project" asserts its objective is to take a hard look at the evils of slavery in the US. But reading further into it, it's clear this is an effort to undermine the US's legitimacy by claiming that every institution is corrupted by slavery -- and Trump is only causing further harm. Dinesh D'Souza joins Laura to debunk the main assertions in this project, and asks, where is the criticism of Democrats, the party of slavery and segregation? Plus, many on the Left claim the problems African Americans still face today -- especially inner city poverty and crime -- are ultimately because of the legacy of slavery and white supremacy. Gianno Caldwell joins us to explain how in fact, Democrat policies of the last 50 years are largely to blame for the failures of the inner city black communities.
  • Is President Trump's tariff policy working against China? Even if some economic harm comes to the US, is it worth it to become independent of the totalitarian state? Pat Buchanan joins Laura to make the case for a gradual "decoupling" from China, and explains the immigration time bomb that could turn Texas blue. Plus, the media continues to ignore the Left's violence, recently on display by Antifa in Portland. Is it time to finally label this group a terrorist organization? Harmeet Dhillon stops by to discuss.
  • On this "Best Of the Laura Ingraham Podcast," Raheel Raza, the president of The Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow, exposes the Ilhan Omar's lies, and how "Islamophobia" is used to silence free speech; Ted Nugent joins Laura for an exclusive interview, and explores what makes music - and the country and culture - truly great; plus, the hosts of the "Sports Like A Boss" podcast Holly McPeak and Anne Marie Anderson stop by to discuss how we can keep the pure joy in kids' sports. Thanks to our sponsors: Genucel= Go to and receive a $30 instant coupon automatically off your order in August. ADT= Trust the nation's #1 smart home security provider. Visit Pluto TV= Watch over 100 TV channels and 1000s of movies on demand all for free. Download Pluto TV today. Home Title Lock= Receive 60 risk-free days of Home Title Lock at Delta Animal Rescue= Including Delta Animal Rescue in your estate plans. Donate today at
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