President Trump issues ultimatum to GOP ahead of
Friday vote on health care: Vote, or we will move on.
Rep. Nunes: There's a potential 'smoking gun' showing
Obama administration spied on Trump team.
SpaceX and NASA find 'landing site' for 2020 Mars Mission.
NCAA Tournament update: 11-seed Xavier upsets 2-seed Arizona to advance to the Elite Eight for the third time in program history.
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Female Athletes Crushed by 'Women Who Were Once Men'

You've heard the expression, "Boys will be boys." But what happens when a brawny boy wants to be one of the girls - fiercely competing with females in weightlifting, brutally tackling girls on the football field or even dealing powerful knockout punches to ladies in a mixed martial-arts cage? It's now happening across America and around the world.

Texas Woman Bound, Kidnapped After Helping Illegal Immigrant

An illegal alien tied up a woman and attempted to kidnap her and steal her car after she gave him food and water for three days. Border Patrol agents assigned to the Carrizo Springs Station in South Texas received a call for assistance from the Dimmit County Sheriff's Office about a woman seen walking along a highway. The woman reportedly had her hands bound with rope. Agents quickly responded, along with sheriff's deputies, to assist the victim.

Byron York: 14 lessons from the GOP Obamacare debacle

The Obamacare train wreck was a failure for President Trump and a disaster for House Republicans. That is, it was worse for Republicans, because they had been at it for so long, but it was plenty bad for Trump. When Speaker Paul Ryan pulled the GOP repeal-and-replace bill Friday afternoon, he said, "We will need time to reflect on how we got to this moment."

Trump gets tamed by Washington

Donald Trump crowed for months he would strike a "terrific" deal on health care. His ambitions ended in a brief phone call Friday afternoon, in which Speaker Paul Ryan told him the truth: He was nowhere close.

Lie of the Day

[Rep. Devin Nunes] has completely destroyed his reputation for being impartial over the last two or three days.

- Joe Scarborough


Rep. Duffy: 'Voting Yes On Healthcare Replacement Plan; Only Chance To Get This Passed'


Gianno Caldwell bridges political divides to help out inner city Chicago.

'Robin Hood Of Refugees': Immigration Lawyer Gets 15 Months For Asylum Scam

Robert Dekelaita cheated the immigration system like "a well-oiled machine," the feds say. When he found a client seeking asylum in the United States, typically from Iraq, the suburban attorney would quickly forge that person's name on an application and pepper the person's life story with horrific hardships, including kidnappings, bombings and religious persecution - all false. He drew inspiration from news articles he collected.

High drama for ObamaCare vote

President Trump and GOP leaders are pulling out all the stops to win over House conservatives to their ­ObamaCare replacement bill ahead of a crucial up-or-down vote scheduled for Thursday.

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