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Which horror flick you stay awake at night?
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Which horror flick you stay awake at night?
Which horror flick you stay awake at night?
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Writing in The Wall Street Journal, Alex Nowrasteh calls my stance in favor of stronger immigration controls, and against amnesty, "nativist" and "modern know nothingism." He claims opposition to immigration amnesty is a path to electoral ruin. In other words, he's another one of those guys who thinks that winning 34 percent of the Hispanic vote is the path to victory.

Of course the "nativist" smear is patently false, something many of us expect from Chuck Schumer and groups like La Raza. But Cato Institute and the Journal have been allies with the Left on this issue from the beginning...   MORE
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I'm not willing to stand here and let my civil rights be violated when it's not science-based.
- Nurse Kaci Hickox
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Warren Williams ‏ (@HereServe) on Fri, October 10, 2014:
@IngrahamAngle Hope you feel better soon. It must be rough to do your radio show with scratchy throat. Get rest this wknd. Take careGodbless
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