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Ferguson Tribute to Brown
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Police Cars Torched
Ferguson in Flames
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Last night the optics were not good for President Obama. As Obama urged calm, we saw protests and violence erupt in Ferguson. Obama should ALWAYS have to give his speeches (on immigration, health care, etc.) with split screens that show the truth. When Obama says we need to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants, we should see the surge of people crossing the border. When Obama says we are a nation of immigrants, we should see the countless American families who are dejected and depressed this Thanksgiving because they can't make ends meet. When Obama says ObamaCare is working...   MORE
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Ron Christie
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Lie of the Day
We have made enormous progress in race relations over the course of the past several decades.
- Obama
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Raymond Arroyo ‏ (@RaymondArroyo) tweeted at 7:28 AM on Mon, November 10, 2014:
WATCH: Laura @Ingrahamangle's analysis of the midterm elections in the US and what is coming:... http://fb.me/6QW8jvfDE (link)
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