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South Carolina lawmakers return for Confederate flag debate
US Wins Women's World Cup,
beats Japan 5-2
Hillary Clinton Reporters Kept Behind Moving Rope Line at New Hampshire Parade
Mitt Romney: Donald Trump's 'severe error' hurting the Republican Party
Pushing for 4 percent economic growth, Jeb Bush faults Obama's 'zombie economy'
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South Carolina lawmakers return for Confederate flag debate
South Carolina lawmakers return for Confederate flag debate
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The GOP-controlled Senate is on track this year to confirm the fewest judges since 1969...   MORE
Last week, 32-year-old Kathryn Steinle was senselessly murdered by a five times deported illegal immigrant...   MORE
This morning, Politico revealed the components of a newly...   MORE
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Blake Neff
William McGurn
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GOP reinstates punished lawmaker
Washington Post: Mark Meadows' House of Cards...
WND: A Civil War Is Raging within the GOP
The Hill: Punished GOP lawmaker stirs new...
Washington Post: Defiant Meadows responds...
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The Jebbernaut
Jeb Bush's Many Problems Jeb Bush had a very bad few days last week. They won't be the last bad days of this campaign. The Iraq question hasn't been settled and won't go away. And other questions as awkward and difficult are waiting to be asked.
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Lie of the Day
In many ways this law [Obamacare] is working better than we expected it to
- Obama
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Tweet of the Day
Jim Jordan (@Jim_Jordan) on Mon, June 22, 2015:
Since I have been serving, I don't know if I've ever seen the intensity like I have with GOP leadership pushing this trade deal
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Do you approve of Trump's comments on illegal immigrants?
Yes, he is forcing the media to address an important policy issue.
No, his comments are offensive.
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Art and Soul
U.S. Women's Soccer Wins First World Cup Title since 1999
Ban Everything, Learn Nothing: 'The Dukes of Hazzard' Is Run Off The Road
How Andy Grammer Turned 'Honey, I'm Good' Into the Year's Catchiest Song
Prince Takes His Music Off All Streaming Services
Miss USA Pageant Will Still Be Televised
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Hillsdale College - Sept 24, 2014
I've Been Everywhere: Johnny Cash
Independence Day: Martina McBride
More Than A Woman: Bee Gees
Poor House: Traveling Wilburys
Danger Zone: Kenny Loggins
Mexico: James Taylor
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