Data shows largest one-year increase of concealed carry permits; 1.2 million issued since July 2016
Final performance of 'The Greatest Show on Earth' after 146 years
Kim Jong Un orders mass production of "very accurate"
missiles after successful launch Sunday
Big game hunter crushed to death by dead Elephant
Cosby trial under way as jury selection begins
Clint Eastwood says Dirty Harry could no longer be
made because of today's 'PC' culture
Real-life Robocop starts work tomorrow in Dubai
Kim DotCom: "I knew Seth Rich. I know he was the
@WikiLeaks source. I was involved."
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  • Bill Gertz - Author and Senior Editor of the Washington Free Beacon
  • Ric Grenell - Former U.S. Spokesman to the U.N; diplomat and media commentator
  • Nick Carr - NYT bestselling author and Pulitzer prize finalist who writes about technology and culture
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Byron York: At this rate, it won't matter if Trump colluded with Russia

Throughout the Trump-Russia investigation, the core question -- the question that mattered above all others -- was whether President Trump or his associates colluded with Russia to try to influence the 2016 election. If there were proof of that, the effect on Trump's presidency would have been devastating, and possibly fatal.

Nearly 740,000 Foreigners Overstayed U.S. Visas Last Year

Nearly 740,000 foreigners who were supposed to leave the United States during a recent 12-month period overstayed their visas, the Homeland Security Department said Monday, detailing a crucial but often overlooked contributor to the number of people in the country illegally.

America Cities Running Out of Room

A shortage of homes for sale has bedeviled U.S. house hunters in recent years, so why don't builders build more? One problem is that they're running out of lots to build on-at least in the places that people want to live.

800 churches, synagogues defy immigration crackdown

There is a peaceful rebellion growing against federal immigration law and the interpretation of that law by the Trump administration. More than 800 houses of worship across the country have volunteered to shelter illegal immigrants and their families who face deportation -- daring federal agents to step through their stained-glass doors.

John Podesta Unloads on Trump

Donald Trump is "unfit for office," a president whose actions are often "absolutely crazy" and whose White House has "a complete disregard for the truth." His firing of James Comey as the FBI director was overseeing an investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 campaign and whether Trump's advisers colluded with it amounts to "close to an obstruction case" against the president.

DNC battling class-action suit alleging Sanders was robbed in 2016

The 2016 presidential campaign is still being litigated - literally. As Trump administration controversies command media attention, a little-noticed set of lawsuits against the Democratic Party continues to play out in the courts - including one claiming coordination with the Clinton campaign against Bernie Sanders amounted to election fraud.

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