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  • As President Trump continues to spotlight the radical elements of the Democrat Party, the media's and the Left's reactions remain the same: call him a racist. Historian Craig Shirley joins Laura to reveal the truth about the anti-American forces inside the Democrat Party, the real racist Presidents in American history, and what truly makes America a great country. Abby Johnson also joins Laura to expose what she observed at her trip to the border. Plus, former acting-director of ICE Tom Homan stops by to react to his explosive House testimony with AOC, and why Trump's immigration solutions are working.

  • President Trump held his first Social Media Summit to give a voice to those who have been censored by the tech giants. Harmeet Dhillon joins Laura to break down the latest attempts by Big Tech to silence dissenting conservative voices, and expose how they lobby and promote their own agenda. Plus, Gordon Chang stops by to explain why the US should NOT be doing business with China.

  • Rock and Roll legend Ted Nugent joins Laura for an exclusive interview. Nugent explores what makes music - and the country and culture - truly great, why he's not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, why the genre is dying, and much more. Plus, Mollie Hemingway and Carrie Severino stop by to share what they discovered about the Kavanaugh hearings in their new book Justice on Trial.

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