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Monday marks the 50th Anniversary of Reagan's landmark Goldwater Speech
Ebola Strikes The Big Apple
The victims of Obama's war on coal
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Monday marks the 50th Anniversary of Reagan's landmark Goldwater Speech
Monday marks the 50th Anniversary of Reagan's landmark Goldwater Speech
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The "Farage Effect" on British politics continues to be a thing...   MORE
Scott Brown gave a powerful debate performance this week...   MORE
Read It or Weep
Peggy Noonan
Craig Shirley and Laura Ingraham
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Mediaite: Ingraham: Obama Can't Handle the...
Politico: Laura Ingraham: Secret for GOP...
Daily Mail: 'We are always open to ideas':...
The Daily Caller: Ingraham: 'How Many Americans...
Breitbart: Ingraham: Do Americans Have to...
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Blessing Offorsings 'Just The Two Of Us' on The Voice...Read More
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Lie of the Day
We're in the early days of the execution of that strategy, but certainly, the early evidence indicates that this strategy is succeeding.
- Josh Earnest on ISIS
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Warren Williams ‏ (@HereServe) on Fri, October 10, 2014:
@IngrahamAngle Hope you feel better soon. It must be rough to do your radio show with scratchy throat. Get rest this wknd. Take careGodbless
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Addicted to technology? Do you have anxiety when you are separated from your cell phone?
Yes, I need to be able to constantly check my email and text messages.
No, I love days when I "accidentally" leave the phone at home.
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The Muppets'
Old Men
Obama's Old Men
The Muppets'
Old Men
Obama's Old Men
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Late-liberal GOP Sen. Warren Rudman
Art and Soul
This is the kind of music you should listen to at work
Study: Americans Afraid to Take Vacation Days
Couch potato lifestyles could kill the welfare state, landmark report warns
Sunlight is key to fighting childhood obesity and diabetes, Scots scientists reveal
Ebola hits home for a Liberian faith healer - LA Times
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Hillsdale College - Sept 24, 2014
Back in Black: AC/DC
White Room: Cream
Rock N' Roll Band: Boston
Jump: Van Halen
Who Are You: The Who
I Feel So Good: Dave Alvin & Phil Alvin
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